Our warehouse has the capacity to store E.U products as well as goods from outside the E.U. For that purpose HERMES holds the license for simplified customs procedures since 2003.

We are able to receive and dispatch goods without the need of a custom’s officer presence, which gives us the advantage to provide our services at a low cost and with great flexibility.

We are also able to store your products in other warehouses, similar in specifications to ours’ via partnerships. These warehouses are located at Inofita Viotias, Piraeus and Aspropirgos as well as in any other place in Greece if necessary.

Warehouse specifications:

  • Covered interior: 1.100 m2
  • Exterior: 10.000 m2
  • Camera surveillance of loading and unloading procedures.
  • 24h security
  • Fire extinguishing installations
  • Full mechanical equipment
  • Full coverage in human resources
  • Pickup – delivery of goods