Fiscal representative (Status 4200)

Fiscal representation is an attractive option for E.U. companies looking to import their products through Greece without paying VAT. The sole requirement is the physical delivery of the cargo to a country that is part of the E.U. Status 4200 is applied with mild differences by all members of the E.U.

We have thorough knowledge of the implementation of Status 4200 in Greece and we guarantee the trouble-free clearance of your cargo. E.U. companies, have the ability to gain clearance for merchandise coming from other non-E.U. countries to Greece, by paying only the required duties, without immediately paying VAT on the goods or the auxiliary work.

Those wishing to make use of Status 4200 can do so by assigning a fiscal representative. You will then be able to gain clearance for your products importing from non-E.U. countries by acquiring a Greek VAT No. only for customs procedures without the need to keep tax books or a base of operations in Greece.

By the April of 2009 the Greek system obliged the applicant to have a base and VAT/EORI in Greece and to keep tax books.We can be your fiscal and customs representative with a single authorization.

The authorization will allow us to register your company to the Greek tax records. Then we take care of your customs obligations in Greece, relieving you of any additional procedures.


  1. Cash flow since VAT is submitted after the sale and NOT on import.
  2. Receipt of cargo freely on the final destination.
  3. Monthly verification of VIES & INTRASTAT via e-mail.
  4. Advise, information and support.
  5. 100% compliance with National and European legislation.