Our thirty years of experience in the customs and transportation business are proof that HERMES and its certified customs agents are a great business partner for Greek and Foreign companies.

The secret to our success lies in the special care we put in every order/shipment before it happens, so we can guide you towards a smooth clearance process, within the cost estimation margin we provide.

Our in-depth knowledge of the National and EU legislation supports all our business dealings.

The following are our recommendations:

  • Seek our advice before any order/shipment of your merchandise in order to reduce costs.
  • Trust the experts only. The legislation concerning the import and export taxed goods changes constantly.
  • The smallest detail can cost you. Prohibitions, restrictions and your cargo’s specifications must all be taken into account for composing the documents required to avoid potential fines or penalties.
  • Gain clearance safely. State controls are often repeated after their delivery to the recipient.
  • Business solutions. Make use of HERMES solutions and enjoy advanced import-export and support services. With our custom software, electromechanical equipment and online solutions, you can surpass your competition with ease.
  • Ask for our clearance services: this way you are going to be able to calculate the cost of your merchandise and inspect the invoice right after its issue.