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Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the definition of the Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the voluntary contribution of companies to integrate social and environmental concerns in their activities and in their contacts with other stakeholders. Under the prism of understanding that socially concerned behavior leads in the long run to sustainable economic growth and success (European Commission, 2001).

HERMES AGENCIES SA ensures that the requirements of the Society are identified and fulfilled order to increase Society ‘s satisfaction, to increase the confidence of its human resources and other recipients of its activities, as well as to reduce their complaints and dissatisfaction. In addition, the Company is committed to complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, while threats and opportunities are identified and addressed or exploited.

For the management of HERMES AGENCIES SA Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life. It is the philosophy that starts from the year of establishment of the company, reflecting the vision of its founder Mr. Andronikidis and evolves as the Company grows. Its services are structured and provided based on a grid of three axes inextricably linked:

People – Sustainable Development – Prosperity

The above triptych is implemented with practical actions with special emphasis on:

  • Respect for human rights.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Improvement and development of its human resources.
  • Ensuring health and safety.
  • Reorganizing the operation of the company in a socially responsible way.
  • Social welfare and progress in a wider aspect (Academic Community, Social Contribution and Local Community).


HERMES AGENCIES SA supports in the effort of the DART team of the University of Thrace.

Our company actively supports the efforts of the young people of the University of Thrace as a sponsor and as an ardent supporter of their project.

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The DART team will participate in the summer of 2021 in the UAS Challenge competition organized by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers of Great Britain (IMechE) and will be the first Greek participation in this competition as it combines in the best possible way the development of innovative ideas and humanitarian aid.

Specifically, the team aims to design and build an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), which will be able to provide basic necessities to people affected by a natural disaster. The drone will be fully automated and will be able to carry out missions with speed and accuracy. One of the main features of the drone is in its construction, as it will consist of synthetic materials resulting in a significant reduction in implementation costs compared to “traditional” materials.

More information can be found at https://dart-duth.gr/

We wish you good luck…

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With decades worth of experience and certified capability in every sector related to the transport, custom clearing and storing of merchandise, the team members are strongly focused on supporting companies active in the international trade.



Certified proficiency in all areas related to customs procedures and the international movement of goods. AEOF - IATA - FIATA - ISO - WCA WORLD - LOGNET GLOBAL - ΣΕΤΑΘ - ΟΦΑΕ - ΣΥΝΔΔ&L.



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