HERMES AGENCIES SA was created in Thessaloniki in 1995 after the completion of the EU’s customs unification. It provides a complete package of services to a large client base.

In ancient Greek mythology Hermes was the god of trade, guardian of traders and transport as well as the mailman of the gods of Olympus. He was known for his wits, his knowledge and his inventiveness.

For us he was the inspiration for the creation of a customs transaction, logistics and transport company.

HERMES AGENCIES SA was created in Thessaloniki in 1995 as continuation of a preexisting customs clearance company. It provides a complete package of services, such as transport, customs clearance, storage, fiscal representation, e.t.c.

Combining technological means with high grade abilities and an experienced workforce we are the best solution for companies looking to sell their products in foreign markets and want to put their trust on a professional organization.

Today, HERMES AGENCIES SA is a pioneering company, the first company in Greece to be granted permission to conduct simplified customs procedures, which help us provide our high-quality services at lower prices in the Balkan area.

Our headquarters being in Thessaloniki, the main commerce port and geographical intersection of the Balkan countries, and with partners in Piraeus- Athens, Chalkis, Skopje, Sofia and many other cities, we are able to service you in a matter of hours in Sofia, Skopje, Belgrade, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica and many other destinations in the Balkan area.

The company’s structure, continuous staff education, expertise, clear and honest agreements, respect towards the agreement as well as to ourselves is the basis for serious and professional cooperation.

Contact us and discover why more and more companies with international reach put their trust in HERMES to cover their shipping and agency needs.

Our next goal is to to ship/receive partial cargos to/from the destinations mentioned above. That’s the reason we joined an international forwarding organization, which covers more than a hundred countries and three hundred cities all over the world.


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