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Document requirements for the clearance of importing goods

  1. Prototype commercial invoice from the foreign firm along with the detailed description of the goods (serial number, market name, billing unit), unit price and sum in the foreign currency.
  2. Analytic packing list if the products are packed in more than one parcel.
  3. A waybill issued by the company transporting the merchandise (CMR if it’s being transported via the road network, BILL OF LADING if it’s being transported via ship , AWB if transported via airline)
  4. Invoice for freight and agency expenses  provided by the transport company.
  5. Insurance policy for the merchandise if said merchandise is insured and if not, official statement signed from you, stating that it’s uninsured.
  6. Voucher, which is the title deed of the merchandise and is issued by the transport company.
  7. Preference taxation certificates (EUR1, FORMA A, ATR) as long as the merchandise originates from a country that has signed a special agreement with the E.U. stating the application of reduced tax or the exclusion from it, accounting for the value of goods.
  8. Certificate of origin for textiles and for products on which an antidumping duty is applied and the place of their manufacture has to be certified.
  9. Purchase contract or order confirmation from the foreign firm, proforma invoice and proof of payment from a bank, for merchandise of value greater than  20.000 €.
  10. Approval of import provided by the Ministry wherever and if necessary for certain types of merchandise (fertilizers ,chemicals, guns)
  11. Declaration of conformity CE for machinery, telecommunications materials, electrological materials, toys, means of personal protection/security and medical products.
  12. CITES certificate for products made out of flora or fauna originated materials that are considered endangered.
  13. For items that cause damage to the ozone layer (car parts, air conditioners, products in spray cans) letter from the manufacturer stating that aforementioned products don’t belong in said category.
  14. Especially for some product types (chemicals, plastics, garments, groceries, corrosives) it is possible for extra certificates to be required from the country of origin, for which you will have to refer to us before you proceed in placing an order for said products.
  15. Phytosanitary certificate for herbal products.
  16. Veterinary certificate for goods of animal origin.
  17. Written and electronic authorization which is required on your part for us to be able to submit and electronic document to the Customs office.
  18. Subscription of the importer in the Customs’ database of the E.U. EORI system according to the instructions and statutory declaration.

Download all the relevant documents :

Electronic Authorization

Printed Written Warranty

Required documents for your imports

EORI Affidavit

Menufacturer Letter for OZON

EORI Instructions

Declaration of conformity CE

Affidavit for Uninsured




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