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Goods Transportation

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Our company can take on the shipment of your merchandise to/ from any country and with any transportation means.

We can ship cargo in complete or groupage containers, and can ship bulk, overweight, volatile and large volume shipments by ship, train, airplane
and road.

We are certified agents according to the ISO 2025 of IATA and members of the international FIATA forwarders organization.

The company’s transport department can advise you on the best choice in terms of safety and cost.

Our extensive network of partners allows us to service our customers all over Europe.

Key shipment services we offer:

  • Complete tracking and briefing throughout the shipping procedure from shipment to delivery
  • Door-to-door services
  • Marking, control, counting of merchandise
  • Collection of all the required files for the transportation of goods, either in groupage (LTL), or  full truck (FTL)
  • Clearance and forwarding of cargo
  • Transportation of large size products, products with temperature requirements as well as volatile cargo
  • Loading and unloading of cargo
  • Boxing and storage of merchandise
  • Safe and low cost shipment
  • Insurance services
  • Trustworthy, effective and ever-expanding international network of representatives and partners.


With decades worth of experience and certified capability in every sector related to the transport, custom clearing and storing of merchandise, the team members are strongly focused on supporting companies active in the international trade.



Certified proficiency in all areas related to customs procedures and the international movement of goods. AEOF - IATA - FIATA - ISO - WCA WORLD - LOGNET GLOBAL - ΣΕΤΑΘ - ΟΦΑΕ - ΣΥΝΔΔ&L.



Vertical organization that brings together all those features to be called a one-stop shop providing you with reliability, consistency, organization and security.